Jellyfin is the true future media player. It completely overcast the capabilities of Plex and other common library managers because of a unique argument : the code is completely free. I try to build every system I use the free way : it’s often via a linux implementation.

You’re here, so you know what’s Jellyfin, and because it’s by now an early fork of Emby, it’s buggy. For example, you can just be locked outside the server while having the PIN reset code method unavailable because of a bug inside the PIN generation process.

You’re not toasted, i have a solution.

Every account get a unique PID folder in /etc/jellyfin/users

To re-enable an account, modify the <IsDisabled>true</IsDisabled> rule in the /etc/jellyfin/<usersID>/policy.xml file to <IsDisabled>false</IsDisabled>

That was finally too short, so here is a gift for you :

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